Professional Soldier Credit.


In the service of the fatherland, professional soldiers often perform a dangerous and exhausting job. The employer also requests regular moves. Soldiers only stay at their location for a few years. As a thank you for their loyal service, the state equates them with officials. The loan for professional soldiers is therefore equipped with particularly favorable conditions.

Credit for professional soldiers – use favorable conditions

Credit for professional soldiers - use favorable conditions

The Lifetime Professional Soldier Loan is granted on the same terms and conditions that every civil servant receives for life. These loans cannot be applied for from the location commander, but from almost any lender. Practically every credit institution offers professional soldiers, civil servants, judges and prosecutors special credit terms.

Firstly, it is the interest that makes these loans particularly interesting. In addition, particularly important with large loan amounts, unusually long terms can be agreed. For comparison, with “normal” citizens, an installment loan term of around 7-10 years is usually possible. Professional soldiers can use up to 20 years of credit, depending on the type of loan and their age. In exceptional cases even more. With such long terms, almost any amount can be financed and conveniently paid off again.

Reasons for the special conditions

Reasons for the special conditions

The special conditions for the loan for professional soldiers are not granted without reason. Loans to government officials are considered risk-free. State servants owe a large part of their creditworthiness to their traffic jams and the employer. Professional soldiers for life, like any civil servant, are practically irrevocable. A lender does not have to fear the risk of unemployment. The military area administration also always pays on time and cannot become insolvent. The bankruptcy risk, as a credit risk, is also completely eliminated. The possibilities of special loan conditions extend into the retirement age, since an employment contract has been concluded for life.

The soldiers and other public servants also make a personal contribution to the good credit rating. Statistically, their personally good repayment behavior is demonstrable. A credit institution that can grant such a risk-free loan naturally woos its credit customers with special offers.

The online comparison is worthwhile for professional soldiers

The online comparison is worthwhile for professional soldiers

Anyone who is courted like a professional soldier should not do without credit comparisons. The online comparison in particular makes it easy to compare a large number of different offers. Of course, all offers should be checked. For example, an insurance offer could also be interesting for financing your own home. The funding advertised as a civil servant loan is a capital-building life insurance coupled with an end-time loan.

The loan offers from special providers can be particularly cheap. Limiting their customer base to civil servants, soldiers and other public employees reduces the credit risk of the providers. The reduced risk affects interest rates and conditions. Special providers often offer the cheapest loan offer for professional soldiers.

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